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This is the new, on-line version of the old Coffey Cousins’ Newsletter.  Early readers may recall that Leonard Coffey began this newsletter in 1981 as well as the tradition of readers annual gathering t what has come to be called the Coffey Cousins’ Reunion.

When Leonard passed away in 1989 his family gave all rights to the newsletter to Bonnie Culley, a long time Coffey Cousin.  Bonnie published the newsletter for more than 20 years; from 1989 until 2012.  When health concerns arose for both her and her husband Jim, she asked me to take a stab at publishing.  It is now my responsibility to maintain the standards set by Leonard and enhanced by Bonnie!


This newsletter will be published at least once per quarter and only on-line. Readers are encouraged to submit queries, their genealogies, their brick walls and any other info such as genealogical opinions (such as “I disagree with that family line,”, etc.) documentation, photographs, and the like.  

Links to each new newsletter will appear below.  Simply click on the read it.  You can also download each copy to your hard drive and print it should you want to.  The file is a PDF (portable document format) file that can be read in your browser.  Otherwise, I suggest the freePDF-Viewer from Tracker Software.

Your comments about the newsletter design, layout, etc) are welcomed.  


A new feature has been added to this site.  A free download area where books associated with various Coffey/ee, and allied families will be periodically made available for your use.  Click on this download link to visit the site.

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NOTE:  Please report any newsletter problems to me! Contact Fred Coffey with DNA questions.

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